Saturday, August 31, 2013

ARBU seeks public mandate

The Association of recreational beach users is seeking a public mandate to take the issue of the 4x4 ban up at the highest level possible.

 This has become necessary due to the political nature of the many problems that are now associated with the negative impacts of the 4x4 ban on a variety of separate issues. The fact that the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) is appointed by the central government to look after the affairs of the iSimangaliso wetland park world heritage site is also a contributing factor, as the IWPA management act and behave as if there is no legislation that they need to fulfill from their end, and have not help proper PPP (Public Participation Procedure) meetings as they are mandated to do by the legislation associated with various acts including but not limited to :

1) The ICMA (Integrated Coastal Management Act)
2) the WHCA (World Heritage Convention Act)
3) the MSA (Municipal Systems Act)
4) the 4x4 ban

There have been many different attempts to solve the negative impacts of the 4x4 ban , but government has not taken the people seriously, as the IWPA has blatantly stated that there is no problem and that tourism within the IWPWHS (iSimangalsio Wetland Park World Heritage Site) is on track and booming.  The truth on the ground is how ever very different, and the Domestic tourism market which had a large crash when the 4x4 ban was first introduced has never recovered from this very devastating impact.

The fact that the IWPA is making things difficult for us as normal citizens to have our voices heard becomes apparent when you try to find records of the mandated public participation process meetings. When one attends the mandated local municipality annual IDP PRF (Integrated Development Plan Public Representatives Forum)  review meetings of the Mtubatuba local municipality and the issue of the of the impact of the 4x4 ban comes up the IWPA representatives have in the past either refused to answer questions or found a loop hole to side step the issue. at the next meeting there would be a different representative, who would claim no knowledge of the previous meetings discussions or requests.

To read more information about the Association of Recreational beach users visit their web pages or visit their social media pages at SOCIAL DOT ME where you will get links to their social media sites

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